Drilling shelters

Rig shelters

RariTEK-Tekhnologii's one of the priority areas of activity is to produce tents for drilling rigs (rig tents).

The main purpose of the rig tents is to protect drilling equipment, materials and maintenance staff from adverse weather conditions and to create comfortable working conditions. There is another advantage which is to create an aesthetic appearance of the drilling rig blocks in accordance with the company's color logo and the ability to place logos..

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Буровые укрытия в {{ name2 }}

Rig tents are a canvas or a set of awning cloths of various sizes made of special awning fabric with a double-sided PVC coating, fasteners, i.e. tension elements, and, if necessary, a metal frame.

These kinds of tents are used to cover:

1. Small mobile drilling rigs mounted on tractors.

The rig tents are used as covers, canopies, a set of canvases in this case.

2. Blocks of various functions on cluster and stationary drilling rigs, including:

  • to cover parts of towers (upper balconies, tractor bases, tower and winch block);
  • to cover associated installations (pumping, tank, diesel, gear units, circulation systems);
  •  to cover additional free-standing blocks (for solution preparation, additional containers, storage of chemicals).

The rig tents are made according to the type of sets of various-sized panels, canopies in this case. It is also possible to manufacture tents complete with a metal frame.

3. Various-sized stored materials and chemicals.

4. Reservoirs, pools, slime dumps.

The rig tents are used as canopies in the last two cases.

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Drilling rig tents are made of PVC fabric with the density of at least 630-700 g / m2 and breaking capacity of at least 180 daN..

This kind of fabric is produced by the Russian and foreign companies.

Fabric being used:

- STARP (WONPOONG Korea manufacturer). 630-700 g / m2 density. The fabric has a Certificate of Conformity and a certificate issued by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate. Frost resistance is -50 C.

- TEZA TMP-2U (produced by Ivanovoiskozh). The density is 820 g / m2. The fabric has a Certificate of Conformity and a certificate issued by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate. Frost resistance is -45 C.

Буровые укрытия в {{ name2 }}

Canopies, decking:

The rig tents can be supplied as canopies of various sizes for production needs..

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Буровые укрытия в {{ name2 }}
Буровые укрытия в {{ name2 }}

Standard versions:

1. 3x10m, 6x4m, 6x10m, 6x12m, 8x7m, 8x12m rectangular canopies. These canopies can be either with eyelets along the edges (along the perimeter), (see photo) or without them. The main purpose of these canopies is to shelter stored materials.

2. 7m, 12m, 15m, 30m diameter round canopies. These canopies can be also produced either with eyelets at the edges (along the perimeter), or without them. These canopies are used as tanks and pools for storing liquid waste products.

Please call 8-800-333-25-52 (toll-free in Russia) to get consultation or to order a tent in Moscow.

If you cooperate with us:

You will receive prefabricated awning hangars having been chosen and developed as required by your company's needs;

We will build hangars at a low price which is initially included in the price of a prefabricated awning hangar;

You will get high-quality frame and awning hangars produced by the same enterprise without involving third-party contractors;

The facility will be commissioned within the period

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