Production of steel structures in Moscow

RariTEK-Tekhnologii's production area is over 12,000 sq. m., which makes it possible to arrange the production of steel structures of any complexity and scope for Moscow.

The Company has two main shopfloors:

There is a shopfloor for production of steel structures.

The shopfloor is equipped with special-purpose metalworking and welding equipment. There is also a press-stamping, metal-cutting equipment, as well as equipment for plasma cutting of sheet metal, shot-blasting and paint booth, drying furnace, welding and bending equipment.

Production sites
Производственные площади
Shopfloor of steel structures
Цех металлоконструкций
Press brake
Листогибочный пресс
Bandsaw machine
Ленточноотрезной станок
Band saw
Ленточнопильный станок
Roll-forming machine
Профилегибочный станок
Plasma cutting machine
Установка плазменной резки
Welding works
Сварочные работы
Shot blasting process
Процесс дробеструйной обработки
NOVA VERTA MAXI RANGE MNR 18 painting booth and drying furnace
Камера окрасочно-сушильная NOVA VERTA MAXI RANGE MNR 18
NOVA VERTA CONGVER painting booth and drying furnace
Окрасочно-сушильная камера NOVA VERTA CONGVER
SciTeeX BLASTLUX PC-BL 1554 shot-blasting booth
Камера дробеструйной обработки SciTeeX BLASTLUX PC-BL 1554

Shopfloor for awning production

The shopfloor is equipped with modern imported equipment, including HFC equipment, welding equipment made by Leister (thermal welding), equipment for installation of accessories.

Awning shopfloor
Тентовый цех
HFC equipment for welding of PVC fabric
Установка ТВЧ для сварки ткани ПВХ
Preparing the fabric for cutting
Подготовка ткани к раскрою
Preparation works at the sewing site
Заготовительные операции на швейном участке
PVC fabric cutting
Раскрой ткани ПВХ
PVC fabric thermal welding
Тепловая сварка ткани ПВХ