Volleyball court size

Volleyball court— is a flat and strictly horizontal square of rectangular shape which is limited by markings and which serves as a place for volleyball matches.

The surface of the site can be wooden, plastic, or made of a special mixture (tennisit) or earth.

The size of the site is 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. The site is divided into two parts measuring 9×9 meters by using a meter-wide grid. The grid is located in a way that its highest point is 2.43 meters above the ground for men's competitions and 2.24 meters for women's competitions (the height may vary for veterans and juniors).

On both sides, the net is bounded by two vertical antennas, which are an extension of the side line of the court and determine the space acceptable by the rules for playing the ball.

There are lines called lines of attack parallel to the grid at a distance of three meters on each side thereof.

The ground is surrounded by free space (the so - called free zone) that has at least 3 meters on the side, at least 5 meters in front and back, and at least 7 meters in height, in official competitions [FIVB]. The players can enter the free zone and play within it after the ball is served.

All lines that mark the boundaries of the team sites and attack zone are drawn within the size of the site and, therefore, they serve as a part thereof.

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