RariTEK's frame and awning architecture in Great Bulghar


RariTEK's frame and awning architecture in Great Bulghar

Bulghar Facility is an outstanding example of the Muslim medieval architecture and archaeology and it is the best preserved monument in Eastern Europe. This is the world's northernmost monument of the Muslim architecture, a unique and almost the only example of Bulgarian and Tatar architecture of the XIII-XIV centuries in Eurasia presenting a high level and specific feature.

RariTEK-Tekhnologii has recently completed an original and creative project in this historical city. Now visitors and residents of the city of Bulghar can enjoy surprisingly beautiful pavilions aimed where city-level events will be held. There were two 7,2x7,2 pavilions (ridge height is 5.7 m, height of the wall is 2.5 m), six 5,2x6,0 pavilions (ridge height is 4.0 m, height of the wall is 2.3 m.) and four small 3.0 x 3.0 pavilions (ridge height is 3.7 meters, the height of the wall is 2.3 m.) installed within the shortest time period..

All 12 colorful pavilions for shopping and entertainment activities are located throughout the territory of the Bulghar historical and architectural open-air museum. They have become indispensable in Bulghar thanks to the prefabricated demountable structures and colorful design in the national Tatar style.

Our experience in creating such facilities helps to implement other socially significant projects and lets use them in development of the urban environment in a different way..

If you are interested in renting or purchasing pavilions, please contact us by phone:(8552) 77-89-61, +7-917-273-32-30 or send a request to the email address: tent@raritek.ru

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