Small trade pavilions at the city festival of Nizhnekamsk


Small trade pavilions at the city festival of Nizhnekamsk

One of the parts of the festival was the Street Food Festival, which was held for the first time in Nizhnekamsk as a great holiday.

The aroma of freshly prepared dishes, awesome showcases, children's laughter, for whom special lessons on preparing gingerbread and master classes from Happy Scraper creative workshops were held-all this was waiting for the guests of the holiday on September 8.

For the festival, it was necessary to install some prefabricated dismountable pavilions as soon as possible. RariTEk-Tekhnologii excellently coped with the set task and delivered special pavilions just in time, so that it confirmed the reputation of a reliable and promising company in the field of production and supply of frame and tent structures once again.

Thanks to RariTEK-Tekhnologii's assistance, there were beautiful facilities fitting in the unified graphic concept of the urban design in the festival: 3x3 awning pavilions, where small shops of Nizhnekamsk cafes and restaurants were conveniently located.

Tent pavilions worthily became the central beauty of the holiday by making it more exciting and bright. In the future, Nizhnekamsk plans to arrange a variety of thematic days every month. New trade pavilions will surprise Nizhnekamsk citizens on the Hunters' and Fishermen' Day, as well as on the Gardeners' Day this autumn.

If you are interested in pavilions, tents, feel free to call: (8552) 77-89-61, email address for your requests

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