"The possibilities of tent structures in the arrangement of the architectural and spatial environment of the city»


"The possibilities of tent structures in the arrangement of the architectural and spatial environment of the city»

On April 28, 2017, there was held a scientific and practical conference called The Possibilities Of Tent Structures In The Arrangement Of The Architectural and Spatial Environment of the City in Naberezhnye Chelny Administration Hall. The conference was arranged by RariTEK-Tekhnologii supported by the city administration.

There were speakers who had come from Kazan, Moscow, Almetyevsk, Yelabuga and the Republic of Belarus to participate in the conference. In total, more than 60 specialists took part in the scientific and practical conference: chief architects, specialists in the construction industry, students and university teachers.

The scientific and practical conference was opened by the Art Director of RariTEK-Tekhnologii LLC-Mr. Khairullin Anvar. His report included main advantages of frame and awning structures providing:

  • cost-effective (low cost compared to major construction; no complicated foundations is needed);
  • uniqueness (the ability to create an original architecture);
  • reliability (wear-resistant fire-proof materials for severe climatic conditions);
  • mobility (designed for repeated installation/disassembly without loss of quality);
  • light transmission capacity;
  • There is no need to receive permits for construction, as it belongs to the third class of responsibility -Temporary Buildings and Structures..

The report also highlighted examples of foreign experience in creating indoor tent spaces, and historical examples of using materials similar to awnings.

The second speaker was Mr. Aleksandr Dembich, Chairholder of the Urban Development Chair of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering. His report was devoted to the topic "Roadmap For Development Of A Spatial System Of Architecture." Mr. Aleksandr Dembich noted the relevance of the conference and the growing interest of urban planners and designers in frame and tent structures. His report touched upon the historical practice and development of tent architecture, starting with the use of tents by the Roman Empire. The layout of the Imperial camps had influenced the urban development of European cities. The most important experiments with elements of mobile systems in urban planning had been performed in the 60-70s.

The Chief Architect of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny - Mr. Idrisov Almas,-highly estimated the importance of frame and tent structures. He emphasized that natural forms in architecture and elements of urban design could be only reflected by introduction of frame and awning structures. Mr. Almas Idrisov mentioned that there was still a lot of work to be done to improve the city's landscape and new solutions to be taken for pre-fabricated architecture.

Ms. Olga Myskova, Associate Professor of the Russian State University named after A. N. – Kosygin, made a report "Tent Architecture As A New Technology For Space Arrangement". She noted in her report that unusual and original forms that could be created in tent architecture were unlimited. He summarized his speech with the words: "Tent architecture claims to have unique forms as one of the high-tech construction spheres. Sometimes they are truly sculptural, mobile, transforming in accordance with the change of functions. It has changed the traditional understanding of an architectural work, created a sense of extraordinary freedom in compositional construction, vastness of the interior, its openness to the surrounding space, and its unity therewith. And by now it has confidently taken an independent creative place».

The topic Durability Of Awning Material And Structures. Methods Of Forecasting The Service Life was presented by Mr. Suleymanov Alfred -the Head of the Department of Resistance of Materials and Elasticity Principals Theory /Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, Research Vice-Rector, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor and Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan. The speaker spoke about the experience of conducting research on the technical characteristics of awning coverings at the laboratory of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering aimed to research modern materials, their wear resistance in various natural environments under the conditions of design load tests.

Mr. Aleksey Isayev, a freelance expert of the State Expertise of the Republic of Tatarstan, PhD in Technical Sciences, made a report on Designing A Temporary Overhang for Kazan Arena. The speaker described the main components of this design and noted that the awning produced by RariTEK-Tekhnologii LLC had turned out to be the best solution aimed to get unique structure design.

There was considered the experience of use of tent structures in the report of Mr. Rinat Zakirov, post-graduate student of the Chair of Steel Structures and Experiences, whose speech was devoted to Static And Dynamic Calculations of Awning Coverings based on the results of the survey of Maidan Almetyevsk urban canopy which had been operated for 13 years without removing the tent covering. The speaker noted that when being used the tent structures had proved to be a perspective type of long-term structures.

Mr. Yevgeniy Udler, D.Sc. in Engineering, Deputy Head of CAD Department of Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, told about creation of tent architecture. The scientific works of Ms. Kopsova T. P., Ms. Agisheva S. T., Mr. Blinov Y. I., Mr. Sladkov V. A. and Mr. Kupriyanov V. N. were paid a special attention to. Mr. Yevgeniy Udler spoke in detail in his speech about the principals of creation tent shells as stretched structures.

Ms. Olga Gelfand, Head of the Marketing and Sales Department of Ruchaika KPTF OJSC, presented the production of a wide range of tent fabrics produced in Belarus.

The second part of the conference was held at RariTEK-Tekhnologii LLC, where visitors were shown the production of steel structures and awning products, and the speakers met with the Company's Director -Ms. Larisa Grishina.

The conference participants noted the relevance of the scientific and practical conference on tent architecture. They also expressed their opinion that that scientific and practical conference promoted promising projects and would draw attention to problems of the urban improvement, the solution of which was aimed to use the awning architecture.

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