100x24 m hangar in Udmurtia

100x24 m hangar in Udmurtia

Frame tent (length is 100m, width is 24m and ridge height is 6m.) was developed and manufactured by RariTEK-Tekhnologii LLC at the customer's request for breeding the sturgeon. The structure design provides for an arch step of 4 meters, a side wall height of 2 meters, and two rows of internal columns to reduce the total weight of the structure and, accordingly, the cost. The internal columns have made it possible to reduce the height of the structure in the ridge, as well as to reduce the heated volume of the room.

The structure has a project and a certificate of conformity. The Company's products comply with ISO9001 quality system.

The structure is 24 meters wide and it can be easily modified to smaller dimensions-15 and 18 meters without the use of internal supports, with a side wall height of 3 meters and a ridge height of 8 meters.

The structure has a 3-layer coating: 2-layer awning, the outer layer of the awning weighing 900 g / sq.m and internal coating weighing 650 g/sq. m. There is also ISOVER 100mm insulation, which allows you to comfortably use the hangar in the cold season.

he simplified foundation was used -tubular one (the pipe is submerged 40 cm deep in the ground and the hangar arches are attached thereto with anchor bolts) in order to install the structure.

Published: April 26, 2013

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