Sports facilities

RariTEK-Tekhnologii's one of the activities is related to construction of sports frame and awning hangars.

The frame and awning facilities are widely used in construction of sports facilities due to their relatively low cost of construction in comparison with fundamental facilities, no need for registration of permits (such structures are considered as temporary facilities), short term of manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the finished structure.

The construction of sports facilities includes the following:

  • five-a-side football fields, football arenas
  • hockey fields, ice palaces, hockey courts
  • horse sports arenas
  • tennis courts
  • indoor go-cart tracks

Sports facilities will become more and more popular in Moscow, as the fashion for a healthy lifestyle is a priority for most people. Do not miss your opportunity to build a sports facility and to be in the groove. Renting out sports facilities - this is a great idea for business

You can request for calculation of the cost of hangars by filling out the request for calculation of the cost.

If you cooperate with us:

You will receive prefabricated awning hangars having been chosen and developed as required by your company's needs;

We will build hangars at a low price which is initially included in the price of a prefabricated awning hangar;

You will get high-quality frame and awning hangars produced by the same enterprise without involving third-party contractors;

The facility will be commissioned within the period

It is necessary to do one of the following steps in order to calculate the cost and to receive a commercial offer:

Fill out the Technical Specification
Electronic Form

on the website

Download the Technical Specification,
fill it out and send it to the following e-mail address:

(free of charge from all Russian regions)