Entrance space arrangement


Tents are an ideal way to arrange space for any festival. Each product amazingly differs from the other one due to richness of plastic forms and space arrangement of simple structural elements. This is one of the main advantages of the awning facility, which can be used in decoration of urban mass festivals and events. The dimensions of the structure and the color choice are determined by the architectural project.

The project of the awning facility depends on the customer's requirements, as modern technologies let us realize even the most original ideas when decorating the central entrance space.

Cost calculation
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If you cooperate with us:

You will receive prefabricated awning hangars having been chosen and developed as required by your company's needs;

We will build hangars at a low price which is initially included in the price of a prefabricated awning hangar;

You will get high-quality frame and awning hangars produced by the same enterprise without involving third-party contractors;

The facility will be commissioned within the period

It is necessary to do one of the following steps in order to calculate the cost and to receive a commercial offer:

Fill out the Technical Specification
Electronic Form

on the website

Download the Technical Specification,
fill it out and send it to the following e-mail address:

(free of charge from all Russian regions)