Awning architecture

RariTEK-Tekhnologii has many years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of tent pavilions, tents, canopies, stages – these are lightweight quick-assembly structures designed for street trade, summer cafes, city and public events.

Отличие павильона и шатра по типам крыш:

  • Pavilion, tent with a pyramid roof;
  • Pavilion, tent with a hip roof;
  • Pavilion, tent with a four-pitched roof;
  • Pavilion, tent with a double-pitch roof;
  • Pavilion, tent with a Pagoda roof;
  • Pavilion, tent with an arched roof;

 Catalogue of serial pavilions   

Awning pavilions are quick-assembled structures consisting of a dismountable frame and awning made of special fabric. These pavilions are designed for being used under wind loads in accordance with SNiP 2.01.07-85 (usually for the 2nd class wind region).

Pavilion frames are made of steel rectangular or round pipes of various cross-sections. All structural components are coated with polymer powder materials (PPM) of different colors. Small parts and fasteners are galvanized. The frame can be assembled by using bolts, as well as fasteners and pins.

Imported and domestic PVC – coated materials are used as awning, which are light, durable and aesthetic and which make it possible to use the pavilions for a long time. The wide range of colors of the awning material lets us create models that fit harmoniously into the landscape of any area.

The pavilions can be equipped with plastic or tent doors. RariTEK-Tekhnologii's designers will prepare a draft project for you and develop an individual design.

RariTEK-Tekhnologii's facilities are well-known for their high quality materials and original design.

Advantages of our facilities:

  • our facilities can withstand repeated installation and dismantling;
  • best spatial solution (the facility area is 16 to 500 sq. m.);
  • easy installation / disassembly of the facility, which is carried out within a few hours;
  • colorfulness, variety of color solutions
  • applying of an image to the fabric;
  • minimum requirements for a site for installation of the facility and possibility to install it on almost any foundation;
  • it is easy to load structures of the facility on a small truck.

Our products are delivered to any region.

If you cooperate with us:

You will receive prefabricated awning hangars having been chosen and developed as required by your company's needs;

We will build hangars at a low price which is initially included in the price of a prefabricated awning hangar;

You will get high-quality frame and awning hangars produced by the same enterprise without involving third-party contractors;

The facility will be commissioned within the period

It is necessary to do one of the following steps in order to calculate the cost and to receive a commercial offer:

Fill out the Technical Specification
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on the website

Download the Technical Specification,
fill it out and send it to the following e-mail address:

(free of charge from all Russian regions)