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RariTEK-Tekhnologii's main focus is to construct frame tent warehouses and hangars for other purposes. We offer a wide size range of serial structures with an area from 70 to 10,000 m2. We also design and construct any hangar according to your individual project.

Cost calculation
Строительство тентовых складов в {{ name2 }} CATALOGUE OF SERIAL HANGARS
Frame and tent hangars are manufactured depending on the customer's specific requirements:
  • With single-layer awning (“cold” version), density of the outdoor awning is 750-900 g / sq. m;
  • With double-layer awning made of 750-900 g/sqm dense PVC fabric for the outer layer and of an inner layer made of 650 g/sqm dense PVC fabric. In this case, there is 120-1200 mm thick air space between the covering layers depending on the structure which prevents heat loss (“warm” version);
  • The two-layer tent cover and heat insulator create insulated coating consisting of 2 layers of tent fabric, between which there is 50-100 mm thick heat insulator depending on the installation area. We use rolled heat insulator based on synthetic fiber (sintepon) or mineral wool (ISOVER) as insulation.

It is important to note that the PVC fabric being used in production refers to G1 combustibility group according to GOST 30244-94 and has a certificate of conformity.

We use fabrics produced in GERMANY, FRANCE, BELGIUM, CHINA and KOREA.

We are able to produce awning in the customers' corporate colors with application of logos and advertising inscriptions thanks to variety of colors of awning fabric.

Tent warehouses are equipped with additional engineering equipment at the customer's request.

We offer full-scale equipment of warehouses on a turnkey basis!

Engineering equipment:
  • Lighting and electrical system;
  • Heating system;
  • Ventilation and air conditioning system;
  • Fire alarm system.
Processing equipment:
  • Racks;
  • Hydraulic trolleys;
  • Loaders;
  • Hoisting units;
  • Lift tables.
We are using the following types of foundations:
  • foundation and road plates;
  • Strip foundation;
  • Pier (post) foundation;
  • Screw piles;
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete plate
Learn more about foundations

Our company offers a comprehensive approach that is based on the needs and tasks of a certain client. Therefore, we have not only the most effective solutions, but also the best ones in terms of financial investment and time spent.

Строительство тентовых складов в {{ name2 }}
  • 1 Outer layer awning is 900 gr./m2
  • 2 Insulation layer is 50-100 mm
  • 3 Inner layer awning is 630 gr./m2
  • 4 Metal frame
  • 5 Gates (sectional, swing)
  • 6 Foundation

You can calculate the cost of construction of a prefabricated awning hangar and warehouse in Moscow, visit our Company and see the Company's presentation. You can also view one of our facilities

Phone number for free consultation is 8-800-333-25-52 (toll-free in Russia).

If you cooperate with us:

You will receive prefabricated awning hangars having been chosen and developed as required by your company's needs;

We will build hangars at a low price which is initially included in the price of a prefabricated awning hangar;

You will get high-quality frame and awning hangars produced by the same enterprise without involving third-party contractors;

The facility will be commissioned within the period

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